5 Signs That You Should Hire a Marketing Firm

In the beginning of your business you may have been against creating a marketing department, you started as a small company and did not see the point of making such a big expense. So time has gone by and your once small establishment is now growing, you have goals and yet you do not seem to be able to reach them. Then it comes back to you, that moment when you decided that a marketing team was not necessary and now you could really use some guidance.

Does it sounds familiar? It is hard to admit defeat but maybe it is time to acknowledge the fact that you need a little bit of help. Here are some of the signs that you need to hire a marketing firm as soon as possible.

1. Your Sales Keep Going Down

Your business that was once successful is now reporting loses month after month. Clients do no relate to you anymore and your lack of a marketing plan makes it impossible for new clients to find you.

2. Poor Following Base

The number of followers on your social network accounts is so low that it is almost embarrassing, if you have a website is does not report any kind of traffic and anything you do seems to raise the numbers.

3. You Do Not Have a Team

The marketing team does not exists and the youngest person of your team is in charge of social network since youth automatically equals knowledge about social platforms.

4. Your Business Is Not Accomplishing The Goals

You had a plan and envisioned how the next 5 and 10 years would go but sadly nothing is going according to the plan and you are even failing to accomplish the monthly productivity goals.

5. Your Cannot Find Your Business Online

If you put the name of your business and your site is not the first option or worse, it is not even on the first page then it is time to make an intervention.

These 5 signals are clear indications that it is time to hire a firm to handle your marketing. It may sound intimidating but it is by far the best option. Some Birmingham brand consultancy for small business could help you improve on all of these factors. Remember that as a company grows its plans and goals should grow too, hiring a marketing firm or a Birmingham brand consultancy will take you to the next level.